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Dramatic Insights is a creative psychotherapy and wellbeing consultation and therapy company that provides clients with a support and guidance to explore struggles, concerns and issues - personal or professional - in a non-judgemental environment and neutral safe space, using creative mediums beyond those of traditional, discussion-focused counselling.
We offer wellbeing support services, supervision and therapeutic interventions, all of which can be undertaken either with small groups of others who share similar issues, or alone and on a one-to-one basis, as per your needs. Sessions with your therapist can be conducted face-to-face, online, or a mixture of both.

Sarah Milligan

I'm a qualified dramatherapist and a wellbeing consultant.

I am a Creative Psychotherapist specialising as a HCPC (HPC) registered Dramatherapist working in private practise and in the mental health sector.

I am a qualified supervisor, therapist and wellbeing consultant. I am also trained in mental health first aid, and as a Schwartz-round facilitator both supporting and working in the NHS today.

I hold a Masters in Dramatherapy from Derby University. I am also a registered dramatherapist with the Health Professions Council (HCPC)

It can be difficult to take the initial step of asking for support and help through therapy, so it's very important to me that I can ensure all clients feel welcome and comfortable enough to 'just be' in the sessions, free of all expectation and judgment. Initial sessions are focused on just getting to know each other and making you feel safe, contained and relaxed in order to start our therapeutic work together.

I can provide a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs, whether as an individual, business or community group.

All services of Dramatherapy, supervision and reflective practise can be offered online or face-to-face, and we can offer pricing on a sliding scale for students.


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Doing what I love

Being a creative psychotherapist

I am passionate about improving wellbeing and self-care, particularly when in the context of working environment integration. Working with individuals and teams to explore and reflect on the impact of stress, burnout and workload on their mental wellbeing is a topic I am strongly invested in, both personally and professionally.

Although I work with most client groups, I have a particular interest in women's health. I can offer group work and individual therapy for those who are struggling with gynaecological and long-term health conditions and address the psychological impact of these conditions. I believe offering support in a creative way can help sufferers to feel heard, seen and supported, and to reconnect with their body in a positive, healing manner.

About Dramatherapy

So what's it all about...?

What is Dramatherapy?

Well, the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADTH) describes it this way:

Dramatherapy. It's not acting. It's all about becoming you.

Dramatherapy is a creative form of psychotherapy, where a client is encouraged to use the medium of creative expression to explore themselves in a way that doesn't focus solely on discussion.

Dramatherapy is a contained, active and collaborative process of discovery and change, whereby the therapist supports clients through active listening, and providing input with creative invitations. These can include: using art materials, clay, sandtray and miniatures, body movement, image/story cards, fabrics or masks.

Through the therapeutic process of offering creative ways to explore any issue that you may wish to engage with - emotional, physical, educational, cultural, or otherwise - a Dramatherapist can guide a client to explore and express themselves through the creative process, embodied experiences, and theatre practices to help their clients re-imagine, work-through and make meaningful changes in their lives.

It is very inclusive process and is able to meet with the needs of most client groups across ages, cultural or social differences, including physical and learning ability or style.

Dramatherapy can help to:

  • take ownership of something you are struggling to address or manage
  • support emotional development, creative expression and self awareness
  • empower you to go on a journey of discovery in a safe, neutral environment
  • bring to light core issues, giving you a range of techniques to express and deal with them
  • build self-awareness, confidence, and self esteem, now and for the future

It is a journey of self-discovery and freedom that we can embark upon together.

One-on-one coaching

Nurturing personal and professional growth, together

As a trained clinical supervisor, having clinical supervision, focuses on the development of clinical skills specifically for licensed mental health professionals and trainees. This process involves an experienced supervisor working with a therapist,practitioner or trainee to evaluate their clinical cases and techniques, discuss ethical dilemmas, and improve their overall treatment experience for their patients.

Both individual coaching and clinical supervision can take place in-person or remotely via online or phone sessions. The frequency and duration of these sessions depend on the individual plan agreed upon in advance.

Individual coaching and clinical supervision are powerful and effective tools for personal growth and professional development in the fields of counseling, therapy, and mental health. These services aim to enhance the skills and capabilities of individuals in their respective fields, helping them to improve their practice and nurture their personal and professional growth.

Individual coaching is a collaborative process in which an experienced coach works one-on-one with a mentee to target specific areas of professional development. This can include skill-building, goal-setting, and leadership training. The coach helps the mentee to identify their strengths and weaknesses, set measurable goals, and develop action plans for improvement. Individual coaching and clinical supervision provide individuals the opportunity to receive personalised support and development in their professions. This can help them become more effective in their work, improve patient outcomes, and achieve their career goals. Get in touch to discuss more.

Business solutions

Individual growth, team insights, dramatic results!

Modern team dynamics are more dependent than ever before on interpersonal communication skills, the applied use of emotional intelligence and activities designed to maximise cohesion among team members who are more likely to be distributed geographically.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, UK companies have embraced hybrid working models like nowhere else and - as a result - we spend less and less of our working life in the same phsyical location as our colleagues, where body language, tonal nuance and other interpersonal cues are more obvious.

What to expect:

I can provide a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your specific requirements, whether as an individual, business or community group.

For example, I can facilitate group working sessions that will teach effective interpersonal communication skills that you can apply in your daily interactions with coworkers, whether in person or remote, designed to safeguard constructive dialogue whilst maximising the likely of a positive outcome.

Contact me if you'd like to learn more, or to speak in confidance about your specific situation or needs.

NHS Wellbeing Support

Support and wellbeing guidance for NHS staff

After the most challenging few years in history of the health service, its vital that we keep staff supported to stay in the NHS to continue to provide great care. Having worked myself on the frontline alongside NHS colleagues and having gained a real insight into the pressures which staff face both within Acute and Mental health services, I am passionate about supporting staff to better mental wellbeing.

As a wellbeing consultant and therapist, with experience of working within the NHS, I am passionate about providing staff a real separate space to reflect on the impact of their work and the pressure that they face every day, connecting and sharing with peers.

I can offer online group reflect practise for NHS professionals where NHS staff can connect and express themselves in a confidential and non- judgemental atmosphere with colleagues. I also offer creative and wellbeing support that can be offered face to face for staff away days, training, and reflective spaces for teams to connect, be heard and feel valued.

Get in touch if you would like to know more, and to have a free 20 minute consultation session.

"More than three quarters of the 1.3 million members of NHS staff made up of women, they have been at the forefront of the fight against COVID and played a leading part in the roll out of the largest vaccination programme in the health service history, including Chief Commercial Officer Dr Emily Lawson, and Medical Director of Primary Care Dr Nikki Kanani."

- NHS England

I have a real passion to supporting professional women and supporting those who support others especially within the NHS. As part of our support group session(s), you can expect:

a safe space
no judgement
to be heard
time for you

Women's Support

Discover your inner strength through a powerful creative outlet

We can provide a safe and confidential space for women of all ages to explore their emotions, behaviors, and experiences. Through creative techniques and support, women can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and develop strategies for coping with life's challenges.

Women can feel secure in knowing that what they share our sessions therapy will be kept strictly private and that they can trust their therapist to provide support without judgment. This allows women to be more open and honest about their feelings and experiences, which in turn can help them make progress more quickly.

What to expect:

During our sessions, we will use a variety of techniques to help women explore their emotions and experiences, including role-playing, improvisation, and storytelling. Through these activities, women can express themselves creatively, gaining a deeper understanding of their feelings and behaviors. The dramatherapist will provide support and guidance throughout the process, helping women to process their emotions and identify strategies for coping with challenges.


See what people are saying!

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah on a joint project to help young people with Mental health issues to express themselves. She is very thorough in her work and has a range of talents and experience in her field. She is an excellent Dramatherapist. I look forward to the next collaboration."

- B.M. Social Worker, Restorative Justice

"Sarah quickly understood the learning outcomes of the fatherhood programme and worked to develop non-intimidating, easy to implement drama based activities to enhance material already used which have helped to bring sessions far more alive, and have been positively evaluated by young people attending the programme. Sarah is great to work with because she is so easy going, creative and responsive to the needs of the client. She also provides excellent value for money."

- K.B. Health Education Lead Nurse, G4S Medical Services

"I'd highly recommend Sarah and Dramatic Insights to anyone. Both my children struggle to talk about their feelings and the sessions had a wonderful effect on both children. My daughters headaches have cleared up and things seem a lot better now both at school and home. Thank you!"

a Parent

"'Therapy sessions have really helped my son with his emotional state and also with his communication. We have noticed a huge difference at home, and so have his school. He feels a lot better about himself, he is his 'old' happy self again and no longer having outbursts of anger and frustration."

- K.R. , a Parent

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