My name is Sarah

I'm a qualified dramatherapist and a wellbeing consultant.

You'll be amazed at what I can bring out of you.

I want people to fulfil their potential and I have a passion to empower others in taking ownership of their wellbeing and freeing them from the barriers that stop individuals living life to the full.

I have a Masters in Dramatherapy from Derby University.

I am also a registered dramatherapist with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and I am a full member of British Association For Dramatherapists (BADTH). I also love penguins.


See what it's all about

Doing what I love

Being a creative psychotherapist

I love dramatherapy because it enables me to:

  • ... help you take ownership of an area you are stuggling with.
  • ... empower you to go on a journey of discovery in a safe environment.
  • ... bring to light core issues, and give you a range of techniques to express and deal with them.

I love it because it enables me to play more of a facilitator's role, rather than in a a traditional counselling session, in which I would otherwise be telling you the answers.

It is about a journey of self-discovery and freedom that we can embark upon together.

About dramatherapy

So what's it all about...?

What is dramatherapy?

Well, the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADTH) describes it this way:

Dramatherapy. It's not acting. It's all about becoming you.

Dramatherapy is:

  • ... a way to find yourself.
  • ... a safe space for you to explore difficult and painful issues.
  • ... a creative, dynamic form of therapy.


See what people are saying!

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah on a joint project to help young people with Mental health issues to express themselves. She is very thorough in her work and has a range of talents and experience in her field. She is an excellent Dramatherapist. I look forward to the next collaboration."

- B.M. Social Worker, Restorative Justice

"Sarah quickly understood the learning outcomes of the fatherhood programme and worked to develop non-intimidating, easy to implement drama based activities to enhance material already used which have helped to bring sessions far more alive, and have been positively evaluated by young people attending the programme. Sarah is great to work with because she is so easy going, creative and responsive to the needs of the client. She also provides excellent value for money."

- K.B. Health Education Lead Nurse, G4S Medical Services

"I'd highly recommend Sarah and Dramatic Insights to anyone. Both my children struggle to talk about their feelings and the sessions had a wonderful effect on both children. My daughters headaches have cleared up and things seem a lot better now both at school and home. Thank you!"

a Parent

"'Therapy sessions have really helped my son with his emotional state and also with his communication. We have noticed a huge difference at home, and so have his school. He feels a lot better about himself, he is his 'old' happy self again and no longer having outbursts of anger and frustration."

- K.R. , a Parent

Tailored to your needs

One-on-one or group, business or personal - try me!

I can provide a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your specific requirements, whether as an individual, business or community group.

  • One on one creative therapy sessions at a pace that works for you.
  • Helping you explore different ways of addressing and resolving the issues troubling you.
  • A session might include: story telling, improvisation, creative media or music. Whatever works for you.

Building your own Wellbeing Programme:

  • Helping you to build and deliver a tailored programme for your employees.
  • Creating a wellbeing service for your staff to access regardless of the source of the issue.
  • Specialist support i.e. counselling, psychotherapy, stress management and work/life balance coaching.

Membership to Dramatic Insights Wellbeing Programme (DIWP):

  • Monthly or annual business membership options based on number of employees.
  • Guaranteed number of counselling, dramatherapy or psychotherapy sessions for individuals or groups.
  • A simple way to give your valued employees access to the support they need, at home or at work.
  • Giving you the tools, templates and session plans to build or enhance your own programme.
  • Empowering you as the facilitator of your own wellbeing or business programme.
  • Enabling you to deliver any content or session in a more creative and interactive way.
  • As a discipleship tool, help you explore the issues that hold you back personally and spiritually.
  • Look at the impact of your mental wellbeing on your faith.
  • Bringing about transformational healing through the use of metaphor, allegory and story-telling.

If you have time and would like to read more, take a look at my article on the Mind and Soul website.

Prices are tailored to your specific needs, so get in touch if you would like a bespoke quotation.

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